Contribute for developing inclusive society in Bhaktapur by including persons with disabilities (PWDs) in development processes.

Promote the access of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in health, education, livelihood, social participation & assistive devices by facilitating in the effective implementation of legal provisions, provisions mentioned in UNCRPD & disability related other programs.

Advocate for having adequate local resource in disability issues & facilitate for optimum mobilizations for the betterment of persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Promote general mobility & social participation of persons with disabilities (PWDs) by facilitating for developing barrier free environment.

Change the attitudes of society & state towards persons with disabilities (PWDs) & get their special attention & actions for promoting their rights.

Develop strong coordination & solidarity among the local government & non government stakeholders & parents groups working on disability rights.

Develop & mobilize capable persons with disabilities (PWDs) in advocacy, leadership & networking.