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Some young & vibrant person with disabilities (PWDs) & some concerned intellectuals of Bhaktapur realized strong need of an organization, which works for the equalizing rights & opportunities for person with disabilities (PWDs) in optimum level. The year 2067/68 & household survey related to disability done by Community Based Rehabilitation Organization (CBRO)-Bhaktapur in Bhaktapur district about 4107 or 2% of total population of Bhaktapur district registered the name list of people having disability. Realizing the fact VOICE FOR EQUAL OPPORTUNITY (VEO)-BHAKTAPUR was established in  7th Sep 1996 (21st Bhadra 2053). The theme is ‘Equal Participation of opportunity our necessary.’ The organization is registered to District Administration Office (DAO) Bhaktapur according to organization registration act 2034 BS. The organization is affiliated to National Federation of the Disabled-Nepal (NFD-Nepal) & Social Welfare Council 2053/05/30. This organization is Non-Government & Non-Profitable social organization, run by person with disabilities (PWDs).



Voice for Equal Opportunity envisages an inclusive society in Bhaktapur District where all human rights of persons/children with disabilities (C/PWDs) will be ensured & each of them will be enjoying all rights, services & opportunities in an equal basis & living dignified life independently in a barrier free environment.



Make Voice for Equal Opportunity as the leading, influential & strong Disabled People’s Organization in Bhaktapur for facilitating Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) to enjoy all rights, services, & opportunities which they are entitled to have from state & society in an equal basis & developing a barrier free environment for them.



Achieve Positive attitudes & behavior of society & states for promoting the rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Bhaktapur.

Achieve barrier free environment for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Bhaktapur

Achieve meaningful participation of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in decisions making process & adequate local resource for promoting the rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Bhaktapur.

Achieve maximum independent living of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Bhaktapur. Achieve full access of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in education, health, livelihood, empowerment, assistive devices & personal attendants.



Mobilization of persons with disabilities (PWDs) to develop the potential.

Mobilization of existing resource for the betterment of persons with disabilities (PWDs) as much as possible.

Networking with GOs, NGOs & INGOs.

Strengthen the organizational capacity to sustain the program.



Contribute for developing inclusive society in Bhaktapur by including persons with disabilities (PWDs) in development processes.

Promote the access of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in health, education, livelihood, social participation & assistive devices by facilitating in the effective implementation of legal provisions, provisions mentioned in UNCRPD & disability related other programs.

Advocate for having adequate local resource in disability issues & facilitate for optimum mobilizations for the betterment of persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Promote general mobility & social participation of persons with disabilities (PWDs) by facilitating for developing barrier free environment.

Change the attitudes of society & state towards persons with disabilities (PWDs) & get their special attention & actions for promoting their rights.

Develop strong coordination & solidarity among the local government & non government stakeholders & parents groups working on disability rights.

Develop & mobilize capable persons with disabilities (PWDs) in advocacy, leadership & networking.



Providing the educational support for the school going & higher level Students with Disability (SWDs).

Daycare support program.

Home tuition support program.

Child club support program.

Income Generating Programs for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

Door to Door Education Program for sever Children with Disabilities (CWDs)

Awareness rising on various issues of disability in community & district level.

Trainings on leadership, advocacy, proposal making, management etc.

Orientation to local stakeholders on disability related laws, UNCRPD, policies & programs of government, barrier free environment, causes of disabilities & so on.

Advocacy & lobbying for the effective implementation of disability related legal provisions, policies & programs in Bhaktapur.

Advocacy & Lobbying with government stakeholders for making the public place barrier free for persons with disabilities (PWDs).



Stichting Suvadra Netherland·        

Bhaktapur District Disabled  Co-ordination Committee

Community Based Rehabilitation Organization (CBRO), Bhaktapur.



 Being a volunteer.§  By donating money. (Onetime or fixed amount per month/year)

By organizing fund-raising programs.

By providing educational/playing materials & stationeries. Your valuable suggestion & advice for social mobilization.

By providing financial support

By providing office equipment.



The Voice for Equal Opportunity (VEO)-Bhaktapur Door to Door educational programs depend upon your help & support for the betterment of the students your small help financial, material or technical support could make a different in a student’s life.


For financial support

Saving Account No.: 0019-10-0049910

Nepal Bank Limited,

Kamalvinayak, Bhaktapur, Nepal

Saving Account No.: 00310600009386000001

Apex Development Banking & Finance Limited,

Lokanthali, Bhaktapur

Saving Account No.:0300000084cc

Citizen Bank Limited

Khauma, Bhaktapur-15


Contact for further information

Voice for Equal Opportunity (VEO) – Bhaktapur

Indrayani pith, khauma-15, Bhaktapur-Nepal

Social Welfare Council (SWC) Affiliation No.: 4675

Contact no.: 9841431523, 9841431513

Email address: equalvoice2012@gmail.com