Working Experience
Door to Door Education program.( For 10 students from 2068)
School Support program for 29 students. (For 29 students from 2070)
Duwakote Day care Support program. (For 12 students from 2070)
Establishment of rehabilitation center. (Hostel Service for 4 Students from 2074)
Formation of Saving Credit Group of 51 members including their parents.
Inclusive child club program of 25 members.
Advocacy & awareness in right based approach in community.

Achievement of Running program.
From the date of establishment 4 students have cleared SEE level upto now
Working in a grass root level for the promotion of Door to Door Education program.
Continuity of School Support program till now for 29 students regularly up to now we have supported for 5 students of college in different faculty.
Continuity of support in Duwakote Daycare Center specially for one teacher’s salary support & tiffin & Stationery for 12 Students.
Providing hostel service for 4 girls with severe multiple disabilities in need based approach.
Mobilization of seed money for their income generating activities especially for 4 members out of 51 members.